Thunder Bay, Day 3

The storm finally caught up with us, I could hear thunder and the rain at 2am and felt pretty happy that I was tucked in my bed and dry and cozy.We woke up to a dark and cloudy sky, and wet bikes. It got progressively darker as we were packing up, but there was no rain predicted. We headed out to highway #400, where I wasted 8km going the wrong way, I got on the on-ramp going south toward Toronto so we had to turn around at the next exit. Once we were going the right way, we could see fog ahead and it was still pretty cloudy. The ride was still pretty, the area is really rocky, in fact they had to blow up a lot of the rock to make the highway, and at times there is a wall of rock on either side of the highway, which on this day, with everything still damp from the rain the night before, the rock was beautiful, the colour was brilliant. We soon hit the fog, which turned into a rather significant mist, we got pretty wet, but with the strong breeze, we were dry in no time.

We took highway #124, from the 400, which was the most scenic part of the day. We made a small pit stop at the Duck Rock Resort, it looked like a fun place.


There was a lot of construction which slowed us down, but by this time the sun was coming up, at one point we passed a couple of workers trimming some pine trees, the air had a wonderful pine/Christmassy smell. One of the fun things about the bike is that you experience all the sights, sounds and smells and we were enjoying it all.

By the time we reached highway #11, Larry's gas indicator was flashing, so we took the next exit hoping to find a gas station. We stopped at the only place available and asked for directions to the closest gas station, Larry was directed to a small town called Powasson, the problem was, the directions were terrible and we were lost within 5 minutes, the biggest hint we had was the dirt road we were on. After pulling over, another couple pulled up next to us, it turned out that they were on their way to Powasson as well and as lost as we were. With help from the woman, I spelled Powasson correctly into my gps and was able to tell the couple how to get there, we went opposite way, I am hoping they eventually made it. We did, it was about 15km away and a little stressful wondering if we would make it. But we did, and we had lunch there too, a little place called Echoes, yummy.


After lunch, Larry wanted to go run an errand at the hardware store so he left me his wallet so I could pay the bill, which I did, then I grabbed my stuff, a jacket, helmet, gloves, keys, leftovers, and Larry's wallet, my hands were full when I got to my bike I put everything on it and proceeded to sort of my stuff, I put Larry's wallet on my saddlebag and told him it was there. With full tanks and full bellies, we drove back to the highway and tried to make up for lost time, about 20 mins of driving hard, and dealing with strong winds, passing cars and trucks, I got the sudden thought of Larry's wallet, and wondered what happened to it, I pulled over to ask him so I could have some peace about it, when I asked him about it and he started to freak out a bit, and quickly checked his pockets, I headed back to my bike to check my saddle bags and saw it just sitting there, on top of my saddle bag - I couldn't believe it was there, after all that driving, wind, mist, and huge trucks passing me - what a blessing!!

The day started to brighten up, for the rest of the day the ride was pretty uneventful and quite beautiful. We made it to our destination, Temiskaming Shores (Highbury) around dinner time. We ordered some Chinese Food and ate while facing this beautiful view.


We then explored the area a bit,


This is a monument to commemorate the courageous community as they battled with an uncontrollable fire in 1922.


It's time to relax because the adventure begins again tomorrow.