While I was working today I got a call from Larry, which is not unusual as we often touch base through out the day. It was around 3:30, when my phone started making the sound of a motorcycle (zoom zoom) which is my ringtone for Larry. It turned out that Larry was in an accident (he's okay), he was rear ended while on his bike. It happened at a 4 way stop, there was a car in front of him and one behind him, after the car in front went through the intersection, it was Larry's turn to approach the stop sign, when he stopped, the car behind him hit him which cause Larry to fly over his bike. At this news, my heart leaped into my throat and my stomach hurt, my eyes were constantly close to tears for the rest of the day and all I wanted to do was SOMETHING, I had no idea what,...

Larry is okay, he is experiencing some back pain and other aches and pains, it'll be interesting to see how he is tomorrow. The bike, however was towed to a local shop, the fender is broken and pushed into the tire, the handle is mangled and there are a lot of other small things that Larry noticed but (again) it'll be interesting to see what shows up at the shop tomorrow.

The person that hit Larry felt really bad, but you have to wonder what happened - why didn't he see him? He was charged and has offered to pay the bills. I feel like we have a journey ahead of us to get things back to normal, I'm anxious to find out what that will entail.

After the initial phone call from Larry, we kept contacting each other, I was wondering if I needed to be with to be with him but I was assured that everything was okay. Every time Larry called my cell I heard the sound of a motorcycle (as it is the ringtone I use for him), it seemed to be mocking me.

So I continued working and thanking God that all was well, however the experience has left me asking, how can you have a bike in front of you and not see it. Are we really invisible?

If I can make a request, it would be - Safety is in YOUR hands, look twice!!



I've always loved living in Canada and experiencing the change of seasons, watching winter lose its grip and spring popping up as the rain helps turn my world green and gives flowers the nourishment they need to brighten days. Soon after I'm more than ready for the warm temps and sunshine that summer brings, I enjoy eating outside, beaches and outdoor fun, then just as the temps get to hot and start sapping my energy, nights start to cool down, cool breezes come in, leaves change colour, we go apple picking, the air has a crispness and I pull out my warm, comfy sweaters. Before long the clouds seem to take over, we brighten the world with colourful lights as it gets colder and darker, the clock falls back an hour and I enjoy cuddling up on my couch in front of a fire drinking coffee and feeling cozy, pretty soon snow flurries come. Eventually the world turns into a snow-filled winter wonderland, making snow people and tobogganing become the popular sport. I'm not saying it's perfect, I do get tired of wicked wind, slush, cold fingers, and my imagination becomes nonexistent when I try to think of a time where I won't be cold and overdressed. However that always gives me a deeper appreciation for the soft breezes of warmer temperatures.

However biking has brought a new impatience with weather that is not conducive for riding, I am frustrated right now with all the rain that summer has brought, I've come to expect sunshine but am getting clouds and rain - it's not fun riding in the rain.

The other day Larry and I started on what was to be an all day ride, I was really looking forward to it as it has been a while since I had ridden - the forecast assured that no rain was expected, however as we started out the clouds were heavy, the temperatures weren't bad - it was about 18°c (64°f) but there was a cool breeze blowing - by time we stopped to eat breakfast at Edna's in Belleriver I felt done. After a good breakfast where they kept the coffee coming - we just turned around and went back home.

I'm going to try to quit whining about the weather, after all - all the whining in the world won't change it and I plan to enjoy the days I do get to ride all that much more.

It's snowing

It was starting to get dark and snowing as I was driving home from work today, I took Riverside drive and was enjoying the view - the lights reflecting on the water, the fluffy snow and then I noticed a motorcycle riding in the opposite lane. I was impressed as I am particularly sucky about being cold, seeing the biker brought so many questions to mind, was he out on purpose enjoying the snow, did he take his bike to work  and was regretting his decision, was he cold and if not what was he wearing? I have to admit I was a bit jealous, while the heat in my car was blowing full speed and I was bundled up with 4 (walls) sides surrounding me and protecting me from the wind. Do you ride in near freezing temps, if so what do you wear?

My New Bike

This year, just a few short months ago I bought a new bike, it is a beauty! A 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M50, okay it's new to me :) Sometimes Kijiji really works for me. I love my 'new' bike, it's a smooth ride and easy to handle.  I have spent the rest of the summer months getting use to it, and checking out South Western Ontario, which offers so many beautiful rides. Now I'm disappointed that summer is coming to an end but I'm planning next summer starting now, I'm looking for some fun rides - any suggestions?