A Perfect Night

Today it was too nice to NOT ride my bike, so I rode it to work this morning - it was the type of day that made me want to keep going - such a pretty a day, the kind you just can't get enough of. I was excited that things worked out so that Larry could meet me after work and we could go for a ride, we went along Riverside Drive until we got to Tecumseh where we stopped at one of Larry's favourite restaurants  'The Wrap Shack' for a quick bite and then we were back on the road.

The route wasn't particularly exciting and it certainly wasn't new to us, but it was the perfect journey for tonight. The weather was perfect, the sun was just starting to set and the water was a breathtaking backdrop for our ride. Spring smells filled the air, cut grass, flowers, everything smelled so fresh - I was breathing deeply and felt totally relaxed and completely exhilarated at the same time.

Couldn't think of better way to spend the evening

A great ride, surrounded by water through most of it. The part in purple is where we had to double our ride, no complaints though - great views.


It's Christmas time and I'm in Victoria, BC -  How lucky and I? Today was sunny with a high of 46°(F), I rented a car - imagine my jealousy when I started noticing all the bikes around. With the mild temperatures I imagine people can ride all year around.

So I did a bit of research on the 'world wide web' and found this site, there are some really fun trips that I would love to try! I will defiantly come back out with my bike and do some exploring, hopefully this coming up summer.

Ride Motorcycle Roads in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Instead of riding I was walking, enjoying downtown Victoria, doing a little boxing day shopping and having lunch with one of my favourite people - all in all a very good day. Victoria, BC is a very charming and beautiful city, I recommend a visit soon and can't wait of post about some rides in this area.