Working out

Working out is important to me, I want to stay strong and healthy especially as I grow older. Sometimes it's really hard to stay motivated, so times like that I remind myself the reasons why I want to stay strong and healthy, one of my reasons is to be able to ride my bike. My bike weighs 464lbs more than I do and I want to be able to maneuver it easily, stop it if it starts to fall, balance well, stave off fatigue, and possibly prevent injury or have a quicker recovery and I'm sure there are more reasons that aren't coming to mind right now.

I was pretty excited when I came across this article written by Dr. Pamela Reilly, she shares how riding a motorcycle is a workout in itself and actually improves physical health. She points out that it strengthens your knees and thighs, improves your core strength, increases insulin sensitivity, burns calories, strengthens your neck and maybe most importantly, improves your mental outlook.

Is it true, that riding a bike can actually be good for you? It seems that it is so. From now on I'm looking at riding my bike is a part of my healthy life style.

What do you think of that mom (and all the naysayers)?

It's too cold to ride today, so I'm off to gym.