Riding Season is Here

Riding season seems to be here, a lot of people have their bikes out, including me. We had a great ride this past weekend, which I'll talk more about later. Last week with a promise from my iPhone app of a high of 18ºc (64ºF) I decided to ride my bike to work, temps were around 10ºc (50º) when I left the house, so I bundled up and I was glad I did. The sun was bright when I started out and I had a great ride, following Riverside Drive until I had to turn off. Once at work I took a few layers off, and got to work, as the day went on the sun seem to do a disappearing act and the people I encountered all seemed to be wearing jackets and sweaters and I started regretting my decision to take my bike.

At the end of the day I got a surprise - Larry turned the tables on me, a few times in the past I unexpectedly met him after he was done work but this time, it was him on the other side of the door - check out Birdie's Perch, Riding and It's getting cold out to see our great evenings when I met him.

It was fun riding home with him, and it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. We took the same way home, riding along the river for as long as we could - it's always a great ride - waving to other riders, watching the sun get lower and pretty excited to get home.