Me & My Shadow


Summer showed up the other day, temperatures soared - Finally! Larry and I decided to beat the heat by going for a ride, the air felt somewhat cooler as soon as we reached Lake Erie, we did our traditional ride, driving through Amherstburg and followed highway 50 until we reached Kingsville, we then took #3 until we got to Birdie's Perch where we feasted on fish. On the way home we took a totally different way, following county roads, making lefts and rights until something looked familiar, we ended up in Stoney Point and followed Tecumseh Rd (highway #2) to Belle River and then followed Riverside Drive home.

It was the perfect night for a ride, the weather couldn't have been better, I felt so much peace just riding along wide open farmland. On my right I kept noticing that I was being followed - with the sun starting to come down a bit my shadow got so big, I thought it looked pretty cool, so I stopped to take a picture, which isn't as easy as it may seem - I had to have help on this one.

We were totally rewarded, on the way home we were blessed with a beautiful sunset, the sun was a big red ball and I enjoyed watching it drop down as I drove.

Costa Rica Again


I'm just getting home from Costa Rica, while there I had the pleasure of riding Matthew's bike-only once because we were very busy. So here I am without a helmet riding a bike that is held together with string and other miscellaneous stuff. I stayed close to home, partly because I was breaking a few laws such as the helmet thing and I didn't have the required papers for the bike as well they require people to wear a reflective vest - my other concern was the bike breaking down on me, you want to be close to home if that happens.

It would be so fun to take a real bike trip there one day and explore the whole beautiful country. I did enjoy my little jaunt, it felt good to be on a bike again and the breeze that came up from driving so fast was somewhat refreshing from the heat of the day.

I did get some fun video, here is a short part where my shadow takes on a life of it's own - I think my shadow makes me look super bad ass, what do you think?  Me & My Shadow