Thunder Bay, Day 2

Sunday was amazing! We had a great day. We are now in Midland, Ontario after riding what felt like 'all day'.

I woke up early in the morning, it was 7:30, with energy and determination, we decided to get going as quickly as possible, it surprisingly took us an hour to 'hit the road'. There was a lot of dark cloud cover, our hope was to out run any potential storm, so we made small goals. The first goal was Goderich, Ontario, which we did in good time, the clouds look less menacing as we rode on.

In Goderich we stopped at McDonalds where we tried the  'True North BLT McMuffin', it was the best breakfast I ever had there. I was hurrying Larry, he ended up taking his coffee in the bathroom with him, I thought that was pretty funny.

We went from Goderich to Collingwood, it was a great day of driving, we had clouds over head the whole day but the ride was breath taking at times. It got pretty hilly which is something that doesn't happen in our area, looking ahead the road appeared like a ribbon stretched out before us, going up, always leading the way. It was so fun reaching the top of a hill and getting an incredible view of whatever was below.

The most impressive site was when we reached an exceptionally high hill and just before we went down we got a clear view of Georgian Bay and Collingwood, it was breathtaking. Then we went down hill and up again and were treated to the same view.

We found ourselves at A & W for lunch, it was seriously so good but I could have just been super sonic hungry. Once there, we googled for a potential place to stay. That's when we decided to go to Midland, the ride from Collingwood to Midland was about an hour, the best part of that trip was a small area that was lined with massive pine tree's, it felt very majestic.

Leaving A & W and getting ready to go again

We got to our hotel in Midland, relaxed a bit and then went across the street to Kelsey's for an evening snack, it was a beautiful night, we sat out on the porch, and toasted our success for how far we came that day.

A sunset picture that did not do the sunset justice.

We went for a walk after wards, and came across this sign, it was directly opposite of, what looks like a two tire  dirt path.  The sign seemed random.


Around 2am the predicted storm woke me up with its loud thunder, so glad I was in bed by then.

I need sleep for the long day tomorrow.

Day 3


Benmiller Inn

It's a typical December day outside, the high temperature is suppose to hit 4°c (39.2°f) but it is gloomy - no wonder we all go crazy with lights this time of year. I don't think this year is going to be as bad a last and I'm thinking I'll be able to get my bike out, last year at this time we had a huge snow fall. I'm sitting here drinking green tea (because it's healthy for me), looking at my Christmas tree lights and remembering summer, sunshine and rides.

About 3 years ago we went for a ride on the long May weekend, it was a really warm weekend - even hot. We drove to Sarnia and stayed with my Sister in law & family and the next day we drove to Owen Sound and stayed with my Brother in law & family on the way home we stopped at Ben Miller Inn.

Ben Miller 4 Ben Miller2

 It was a wonderful place to stay, very homey and warm.

Ben Miller3

It turned out to be a sibling weekend, at Ben Miller we met up with my Sister and future brother in law

DSC02085 DSC02090

It was truly a fun ride and the first of many that summer, I loved meeting up with my sister - it turned out to be a really fun long weekend that was spent with family and I have a great family!