Some days are tough, however nothing a ride can't cure. Sometimes I find a ride along the river and scenic sights very peaceful, other times I enjoy the challenge of curves or long drives and then there are the times when nothing will help but speed, it just feels good to drive fast.

The rush of the breeze that I'm creating as I speed down the country roads just feels good, thoughts flow from my mind and I just feel free.

Don't get me wrong, when I say speeding down the road I'm not talking about breaking any laws but I do love riding a country road where there are no red lights, hardly any stop signs, and no sights to distract, just farm land and roads that go on forever.

Today provided such an opportunity that I much enjoyed and by time I got home I felt refreshed and hungry.

What is it about a bike that feels like therapy?

How could a bike provide so much, transportation, therapy, fun, adventure,....



387079_10152033547680232_1284054146_n A few years back I took a trip to Brampton and stayed with my good friend Carolyn, I spent a couple of days exploring the back streets past Brampton, places like Georgetown, Glen Williams, Caledon and beyond. I was surprised how many streets there were that were not paved, I enjoyed just driving, exploring territory I've never seen before.

There are so many times I would love to take a picture, however stopping and pulling out the camera just seems like a pain, but every once in a while I make myself. I saw so many beautiful sights on this trip, for the most part I drove down winding roads, some with hills, I enjoyed views of small bodies of water but mostly it was farmland on either side of me - everything was so green and lush - I stopped at a couple of points and took a picture because I wanted to remember the feeling of excitement I had as I was about to embark on a road that I'ld never been down, what was around the bend? I was about to find out.

530062_10152033546750232_317432605_n-1And the adventure continues,....