Riding in Costa Rica

I'm sitting here at Kiki's restaurant in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, enjoying some coffee, warm breezes and free wifi. I am fortunate  to be able visit my daughter who is about to have a baby here:) I got the opportunity the other day to borrow her and her husbands bike, and went for a delightful ride along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. It is so beautiful here, and so much fun to be on a bike again after a long winter.

I have an iphone 'book book' wallet and I was using my phone to take these pictures, I stopped a one point to take a picture of a huge iguana, that's when I realize that I no longer had my iphone wallet with me. There were so many bumps in the road, I could have lost it anywhere. I retraced my steps, stopped and asked people along the way but no luck, I was really starting to panic, all of my credit cards, license, and important info plus my phone, after a couple of hours I went to my daughters house and we went out looking together, she drove and called my cell, which we hoped would find it - one time someone answered the phone! So here is what happened, I hit a huge bump in the road and it fell out of my pocket, someone saw it happen and picked it up but there was no way to catch up to me. He was trying to figure out who the phone belonged to and went through my pictures, he recognised some of the pictures I had and tried to call my daughter but wasn't able to get through. Sweet relief!! And an answer to prayer!

A native Tico found it, and tried to return it quickly, we make it difficult by making all kinds of frantic phone calls. Costa Rica is a county of wonderful, friendly & honest people. I am blessed!



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