I met Larry at work today, it was a beautiful day and I needed to be on my bike. We started out by taking Riverside Drive and drove out to Belle River, we made a right on Belle River Rd - we usually make a left and head out on #2 towards Chatham, but this time we were headed south. It was a great ride, I was following Larry and he was going up and down roads we either hadn't been on before or haven't traveled much on, we drove by so many farms, everything was very green - there is something I find  relaxing about riding in areas that are expansive. We found ourselves in Wheatley and decided to start heading back (towards home), we drove up to Deer Run RD (from Erie Street), I stopped to take a photo.

IMG_6348 IMG_6350


We have these awesome signs in Ontario that will point you in the direction of the more  'scenic' path or 'water front' trail, after we made our turn on Deer Run Rd, we made a left following the sign that promised a waterfront view. It was kinda exciting because we've never taken it before, we were not disappointed, there were a lot of cottages dotted along Lake Erie but still some areas of just the pretty Lake,  we saw marsh and lot's of green, there were some tight turns and curves - all in all, a great ride, my only complaint is that it was to short. The waterfront views ended at Hillman Marsh, a beautiful area, we then shirted our way to Point Pelee Drive where we had the best fish taco's at Birdies Perch, we've been there numerous times before and enjoy it every time.

Our ride from Deer Run Rd and Erie to Point Pelee Drive

Surrounded by beauty all around I finally gave in and stopped for a picture.

It was a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable way to spend the evening.