Peace Fountain

The Peace Fountain is located in the Coventry Gardens, on Riverside Drive, it's a lovely tourist attraction, but locals really love it too, it's on the banks of the Detroit River and it is the only international floating fountain in the world which can thrust water 70 feet in the air, also it displays a beautiful light show when the sun sets.

The Coventry Gardens is a beautiful park in which you can enjoy a walk along the delightful flower beds, there is also a staging area for concerts and other events in the summer.

Obviously, because we live in Canada the fountain is seasonal, starting on the Victoria Day weekend and then it's usually taken out on the Thanksgiving day weekend, which in Canada is the second Monday in October.

Today as I pulled into the parking lot there was a traffic jam with so many people out, wanting to enjoy and soak in the beautiful day also there were limousines who were waiting for a wedding party, they were getting their pictures taken. I also got my wedding pictures taken there (many years ago), although we had no limousines, life seemed simpler.