Parking in Chicago

My very good friend Carolyn is a beautiful addition to the Chicago skyline.  

I was in Chicago recently and had a blast, it's such a fun city! The weather was perfect, and we hit the highlights, Navy Pier (where we saw some fireworks), did some shopping, checked out the architecture but the most fun was the wonderful restaurants - I spent the weekend eating well, some of the best food I've ever had. Last time I was in Chicago I wanted to go to The Brown Elephant but didn't make it, so this time I was there, with my very good friend, a half hour early. Fortunately someone suggested we try out a breakfast place close by called 'A Taste of Heaven', where we experienced a delicious breakfast which came with wonderful, mouth watering biscuits, however I'm not here to talk about food.

While shopping and eating we needed to park, there was plenty of street parking, the kind where you find the closest box, put in your credit card and out pops a ticket that you are suppose to put on your car dashboard, on the passenger side (they are very specific). The exciting thing about the 'parking sticker' is that it is a sticker, so it works for cars as well as motorcycles, you can peel the back off of it and apply it to the headlight, there is even a place you write your license number (although I don't always carry a pen with me) on the sticker so people can not steal your sticker. I find this somewhat exciting because it is really hard to find a place to put a small piece of paper, which can be blown off or taken very easily, I always feel uncomfortable using this method to park. I think everyone should adopt this 'sticker' method, unless of course you are going to let me park free, even better!

Chicago Parking Permit

I did see a few bikers while in Chicago, it seems so strange to see people riding without a helmet.