Niagara Region

Fort Erie Waking up on Saturday to total cloud cover and the prediction of rain and thunderstorms all afternoon left us wondering what to do, we ended up making a great decision - we decided to stay put, in Port Colborne at our bed and breakfast - The Talwood Manor. We arrived late the night before, and even though we throughly enjoyed the ride we were exhausted, (read about it here) and I know I was looking forward to a break. The rain was promising to show up after 3pm so we decided to go for a ride on the Niagara Parkway which seemed like a short ride and it seemed possible to be home before it rain on us.

Beautiful Ride!

We started out in Fort Erie, it was a spectacular ride and we throughly enjoyed it! We almost made to Niagara on the Lake but the rain kicked in around 2pm, it started slow, we were able to put our rain gear on before it really came down. It took us over an hour to get back to the b&b, the roads were slippery and we were pretty wet but the rain gear did its job and we were glad to get back.

You can see the Peace Fountain in the distance.


Start of the Parkway


The b&b had a luxurious bathtub and it didn't take me long to get into it, we had a relaxing day and the Niagara Parkway was worth it!

Our bikes, putting up with the rain.

The view from our room.