Lake Erie Circle

Lake Erie, states side It was day 3 of our mini vacation/adventure, we decided to continue our ride around Lake Erie, we crossed the border in Fort Erie at the Peace Bridge, took 190 to highway #5 and we were blown away at the different views. We followed the Seaway Trail which was delightful, we got some great lake views, saw lots of trees and natural beauty as we rode along the windy, twisty road.

The Skyway

After driving for a couple hours we were surprised that we only clocked 67 kilometres, we still had a long way to go so we decided to take a slightly more direct way. We drove in 3 states, stopped at Tim Hortons in Erie Pa, experienced downtown Cleveland, as we slowly inched along through the many traffic lights that were always red and stopped at 2 gas stations before we reached our destination, our b&b in Milan Ohio (near Sandusky) and it only took around 9 hours. Needless to say, I was very hungry and sore when we arrived and was more than ready for the short walk to the 'The Wonder Bar', I was looking forward to chatting with my man about our day while eating some yummy food and sipping on a glass of wine. It was a good time once I got over my disappointment that they didn't serve wine on Sundays, it is against the law - that's right, there was a hand written note on the hard liquor and wine section stating that, nope, no matter how much you wanted a drink you could not have one. However they were able to serve beer and coolers, can anyone explain that to me?

  • The Ohio Drinking Laws, are different on Sunday, one can only buy wine from certain retailers who have a particular license- despite the fact the other retailers may be able to sell wine all week. A few stores must be given special waivers to sell on Sunday, but they are few and far between and sometimes non-existent in communities.


Enough about drinking, we spent  the night at Angel Welcome Bed & Breakfast and plotted out our plan for our last day, still sore and tired from the long ride we decided to take the ferry from Sandusky to Pelee Island to Kingsville. We required a lot less driving and a lot of time on the water, it turned out to be a great day. We had dinner at the Pelee Winery, again I had no wine but this time by choice, we had a fellow traveller join us, we enjoyed learning about his upcoming adventure of circling Lake Erie on his bicycle.

  We didn't get many pictures on this ride, however we did find more time while on the boat so check out these pic's

My bike all tucked in for the ride.

My camera man

On our way to Pelee Island

Cedar Point

A great mini trip, check out day 1 and day 2 in case you missed it.