It's my Birthday

Today is my birthday, while working I received a surprise; Birthday Surprise!

Having a summer birthday I've come to expect beautiful sunshine and balmy temperatures, this year was different with cloudy skies and temps ranging around 19ºc (67ºF) which I found a bit chilly especially with the dark clouds above. It was a slow day at work when a man walked in carrying a beautiful bunch of flowers, looking for someone with my name so I quickly claimed the flowers for myself, it is after all my birthday. The flowers were from my sister, a sweet thought from a sweet person who wanted to add some sunshine to my day, the thought and flowers were very much appreciated. The obstacle was bringing the flowers home, despite the weather not being favourable I brought my bike to work and the flowers seemed quite large for my small saddle bags - with a little help from bungie cords, this is how I brought my flowers home.


An extra carry on.

I received many interesting looks as I drove home but upon arrival I checked the flowers and they were in excellent health, and still looked beautiful.

My garage.

Final result:

Home at last!

The flowers were ordered from Janette Florist, nicely done.