One day I received an email from my website host:

"A routine scan of your account has found malicious or infected files,.... As a result, we have suspended your website, to avoid problems for website visitors or other customers. Please remove the malicious code, through FTP or the file manager. I would recommend deleting and republishing your entire website from a clean copy; this should then erase any other code which may have been injected into your pages to allow back-door access by unauthorized people."

It went on to explain what things needed to happen before  they can put it up again, they also explained that they have partnered with a company that can fix it, and included the website address for the company. A call to the hosting company just confirmed everything in the email, and was no more help than the original email.

Seriously, it was all very overwhelming and frustrating, I hate how little I know about this kind of stuff. I did as much research as I could, talked to everyone I thought could help me and ended up paying more than I wanted to, to the recommended company and voila - I'm back on line.

I felt like my site was kidnapped and then held hostage, I paid a ransom and now it's free,...ugh!!

I do like being on line, and enjoy sharing my thoughts with all of you. It's now mid may, and biking season is just beginning - I'm sure it's going to be a fun summer.