First Ride 2015


Today, Wednesday March 11, 2015 was officially my first ride of the season - yes, it was a bit cold, yes, there were snow banks on the side of the road, yes there was ice on the river - totally worth it!

It started out with sunshine and warm temps, the longer the sun shined the more I thought about taking the bike out. The warm temps that I anticipated were teasing me, I went out to the garage to check my bike and there it was, I put the key in, turned the ignition and the sweet sound of a purring engine filled the air.


First start of the season.

I once again pulled my long johns on, the same long johns I wore just a few days ago to protect myself from the unseasonably freezing temps while I walked my dog - this time I was more excited about putting them on, I pulled my jeans on, turtleneck, my super warm sweatshirt, my boots, winter coat, gloves and went outside, found my helmet and put it on - We were ready to go.

My bike and it's shadow


I decided a ride down riverside was just what I needed - it's easy, short and scenic. It was a great ride although a bit cold, I stopped in Walkerville to catch up with my sister at Jones & Co and pick up a few groceries from Williams, driving through Walkerville is a treat with the unique stores, big trees and lots of people milling about.

In Walkerville

Then I continued my drive down Riverside, still enjoying the sunshine and the way it reflected off the ice in the river, the roads were wet from the snow melting, the dirty banks of snow along the side of the roads won't be here from much longer - unless a freak of nature happens, ugh!

It was my bliss, I was defiantly smiling - the ride was even better on the way home, the temps must have gone up a degree or two (or maybe the wind was behind me), I stopped along the way to get a picture of my bike along the river with the ice.

Small break for a picture at the Sculpture Park, by the Detroit River

And then a friendly young guy came along and offered to take my picture, then he he let me know that he had some free time if I wanted to take him for a ride - sorry no extra helmets ;)