Cruise the Coast

It's not the destination, it's the journey...

I love riding in  Southwestern Ontario, my hometown area and discovering new routes. This summer Larry and I took a lot of short 'weekend' rides and had such fun exploring the area and revisiting places we had been before, it was almost the end of the season while we were in Port Rowan staying at 'Seasons', a bed and breakfast,  that I came across a great motorcycle guide/map. I was so excited, I read it completely while waiting for breakfast and loved it, I then checked out the web site - I could not get enough of it, it inspired me to ride and I was already pretty inspired!!

Someone put a lot of thought into this work of art, it includes;

~ 10 different routes that are clearly marked with the length of the ride and how long it should take.

~  a 'Places to Visit' section, which includes gas stations, emergency info and fun places to stop.

~ a 'Rally of Events' section, biking events in 8 different counties.

~ a description of those counties with information that will make your journey more rewarding.

~ an 'Attractions, Restaurants and Places to Stay' section.

It is made of water resistant paper and folds up small enough to fit in a pocket for easy access, and looks great to boot!

Check out the website:

I have given them my mailing address and I'm looking forward to receiving the new 2015 when it comes out, I suggest you do the same - I contacted them through this email address -

Cruise The Coast Map

I would love more guides like this from different areas, I'm ready to plan next summers adventures.

Does anyone know of any?