Circling Lake St. Clair

Circling Lake St. Clair  

I was ready for a new adventure, I liked the idea of circling Lake St. Clair but we were undecided as we left the house. We started out taking Riverside Drive and then drove through Russell Woods and Belle River where we stopped for a delicious breakfast at Edna's. From Belle River we took #22 which for the most part follows the Lake, although it can be hard to see at times because there are a lot of cottages and houses along the Lake, at one point we followed a 'scenic route' sign which brought us to Old Tecumseh Road, it was short but a lot closer to the Lake.

It gets tricky to stay close to the Lake once you pass Tilbury, we usually follow the signs to Mitchell's Bay, this time however there were detour signs which brought us to #40 quicker than we expected, we went through Wallaceburg until we got to River Road. We took River Road to Sombra, where we caught the ferry to the states, the ferry took us to Marine City which looked like a charming town.

The ferry ride was the most fun I've had crossing the border

On the ferry.

Once we crossed the river we were curious, so we made a right instead of a left (the left would have brought us around the Lake), the right was fun and scenic, we had great views - once we stopped at a park, used the port-a-john and took a few pictures.

Parkside View

We continued our drive, we saw tons of garage sales, big house and lots of St. Clair River views.

We drove for quite a while before deciding to turn around, I think it was because I got hungry again. We took the bridge back to Sarnia which was a fun experience and spent the night at my sister-in-laws, we had hamburgers and had fun catching up.

The next morning we started early, we said goodbye and headed out to the recommended 'Leaky Tank', which was delicious and then we started out, we drove to River Rd. and  took the ferry again, but this time we made the left and headed around the Lake, it was an adventure for us as we've never been that way before. It took us hours & hours to get to Detroit, we only got lost twice (okay maybe 3 times), once we ended up at Military Base, very intimating :) We expected to be home by noon at the latest but it was much closer to 2pm, we found it tricky following the Lake and then we struggled finding the bridge - it's huge,…how could we miss it? We discovered mansions and poverty all within 20 mins of each other, the road went from following the Lake to being in the city core in such a short time.

Seriously, a good time, a challenge, and very distracting from any sorrow we felt from saying good bye.

My Sweetie Pies


Circling Lake St. Clair

The total route we took, the red represents the route we took on day 1 and the light blue is the route we took day 2.

I would definitely recommend this ride, I think it could be done in 4 to 5 hours, stopping for lunch or breakfast would be a treat and only add an hour or two.