A great day for this household!

It's been a busy Saturday - it's mid April and towards the end of the day we had to deal with the fact that we put off getting a few needed groceries - the first choice that needed to be made, do we take the car or the bike - guess which won,...



Motorcycle over car & Groceries in the saddlebag

It was a short but fun ride, we hit the grocery store and then rode down through River Canard, a beautiful ride only minutes from my home. The sunshine and warm temps were good for my soul and I found myself anxious for my next ride.

Our day started with training at K9, it's such a great place to learn how I need to be trained so I can work with Charlie and the day ended with the signing of the papers that made Charlie ours - so exciting!

PicMonkey Collage

Isn't he so Beautiful?