The Victoria Day weekend brought another opportunity for a ride, my Mom suggested I come to her house and lighten the garden of its rhubarb. It was a pretty quick ride, I cut across the county straight to her house, the weather was even better than the previous day. When I got to the farm, we cut a lot of rhubarb, did I mention that I love rhubarb? My saddle bags aren't that big so I was limited with what I could bring home. My mom and I spent about a half hour preparing the vegetable that I enjoy as a fruit, we started by collecting it, then trimming the leaves off and cutting it in half to fit the saddle bag. Once done, I realized I could squeeze in a few more stalks, and then, of course it was back to the garden, soon I was full and the journey home began. It was a perfect weather day, I did dress a little warmly because it can get cool along Lake Erie but I was super warm while doing the rhubarb and glad to get on my way. I took highway 50 home and enjoyed the breezes off the lake and in the end I was pretty glad I did dress warmly.

I was in a bit of hurry to get home because we were going to have a family dinner, I tried a new recipe to incorporate some of the rhubarb and it turned out delicious, we had

Roast Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Onion Rhubarb Sauce,  plus summer time potato salad and a delicious garden salad with homemade ranch dressing made by my daughter (so good). I've included the recipe if anyone is interested in trying it.


Thanks for the rhubarb Mom!

A short but fun ride

Saddle Bag Liner

I thought it would be fun to make a liner for a saddle bag for my husbands bike, so many times when we would go on an over night trip he would put his undies and such in a grocery plastic bag. I was pretty excited about this idea, and worked hard to make it look masculine, this is what I came up with,...  

Can't wait to see how it works out, if summer ever comes back - what do you think?


Made with burlap and faux leather to give it a rustic look and a soft flannel fabric inside the bag with touches of the outer bag. A pocket to fit his notebook, pockets to fit all kinds of accessories, designed to fit all the anticipated needs. Two handles with a strap to go over the shoulder when his hands are full.

Baby, it's cold outside!

Today, December 7th was a beautiful sunny day with a high of -4°celsius, when I heard the roar of a motorcycle, I was really surprised to see my neighbour take his bike out. How I long for the warmer temps so that I can take my bike out - I just have such a hard time imagining myself enjoying the ride when I'm freezing.  

Anyone else (besides my neighbour) like ride in below 0° temps?

My New Bike

This year, just a few short months ago I bought a new bike, it is a beauty! A 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M50, okay it's new to me :) Sometimes Kijiji really works for me. I love my 'new' bike, it's a smooth ride and easy to handle.  I have spent the rest of the summer months getting use to it, and checking out South Western Ontario, which offers so many beautiful rides. Now I'm disappointed that summer is coming to an end but I'm planning next summer starting now, I'm looking for some fun rides - any suggestions?