Autumn Ride

One day last week, there was a nip in the air, the sun was bright and the sky was blue - the perfect fall day, the kind of day where I want to take a deep breath and drink it all in, the kind of day I hear my bike calling my name. However I had many errands to do that required a car, as I drove around the city I saw a few bikes out, I  got so jealous and started planning for an opportunity to go for a ride, however I was concerned about being too cold while riding, the wind seems to cut right through everything I'm wearing.

Around 2:30 I had some free time, I waited for Larry to come home so we could  go together.  I bundled up, I mean really bundled up, I started with long johns and then jeans and my riding pants went over that, I pulled out my warmest socks, I was 3 layers in with sweatshirts and then I dug out my leather winter coat hoping it would counter the wind better than my biking jacket and finished it off with my full face helmet.

Here I am all ready to go.

We drove along Riverside Drive, my heart was singing, the sights and sounds around me came alive, I was so happy we went.

I was pretty comfortable, not too cold nor too hot (until we sat in one place too long), however I did not feel like I could move very easily, I found the helmet to be somewhat limiting - I have much more visibility with my other one, also with so many layers maneuvering was difficult.

There has got to be an easier way to make the biking season last longer, to be warm, comfortable and be able to move easily.

We split up in Tecumseh because Larry had an appointment and I took Riverside Drive home, I stopped at a liquor store because my good friend was coming to visit me, I picked up my bottle of wine and noticed another biker in the parking lot, we started to chat a bit, my first topic of conversation was the weather, he said he was fine and told me I should be wearing long johns (like I didn't have 3 layer's on), am I the only one who gets cold on the bike?

Always fun to talk to a fellow biker, and fun to get back home too, peeling those layers of clothing off and walk once again like a normal person. Tonight was extra fun as my friend and I got to catch up over a bottle of wine - doesn't get much better than that.

I was so glad we went for the ride as it may be the last one of the year, the weather has turned, there is even a few snow flurries in the weather forecast for tonight. It seems so sad to me right now, no more rides for several months - I think I need to discover a fun winter sport.