It's Christmas time and I'm in Victoria, BC -  How lucky and I? Today was sunny with a high of 46°(F), I rented a car - imagine my jealousy when I started noticing all the bikes around. With the mild temperatures I imagine people can ride all year around.

So I did a bit of research on the 'world wide web' and found this site, there are some really fun trips that I would love to try! I will defiantly come back out with my bike and do some exploring, hopefully this coming up summer.

Ride Motorcycle Roads in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Instead of riding I was walking, enjoying downtown Victoria, doing a little boxing day shopping and having lunch with one of my favourite people - all in all a very good day. Victoria, BC is a very charming and beautiful city, I recommend a visit soon and can't wait of post about some rides in this area.