Dropping my Bike

Leaving for a ride the other day I was negotiating a tight turn out the driveway and dropped my bike, ouch!! I was so bummed, damaged seemed minimal but it was not a fun experience. Larry quickly turned around and helped me pick it up, we checked it out and except for the mirror - things seemed okay. Dropping a bike is a distressing experience, I do not like it - finding simple replacement parts for my bike seem difficult at best, a shift lever, lens cover and mirror all take months to replace, wrong parts come in after waiting long periods of time,… frustrating!!

We went for our ride, met Ruth for breakfast and then went to Ace's to check out their mirror selection, Adrian replace my mirror with a temporary one, very nice to have a mirror again - I like working with him, I find him very helpful.

It looked like rain, so we headed home - I gave my bike some love, washed it, waxed it until it looked so pretty again. Unfortunately it has looked like rain ever since, so it has been sitting in the garage with only Larry's bike for company.


I would love to hear about somebody else's experience dropping their bike.