On the Road Again

It all started with a phone call, bright and early Thursday morning, we had been talking about the potential of going for a ride this coming up weekend but the weather seemed uncertain and it was Larry's first week back after vacation, so it was starting to seem unlikely, but the call was the the news I was hoping for, he had booked off Friday and Monday - we were going for a ride. We mostly packed the night before, the goal  was to leave at 9am Friday morning but I consider the 10am real departure time a sign of victory, it could be the earliest  we've ever left.

We left home going the quick way, taking highway #8 to #3 until we stopped in Wheatley where we took a break for 'second' breakfast at Jacks Coffee Shop, delicious!

Beautiful sunflower crop, somewhere between Blenheim and Morpeth on Talbot Trail.

The ride was wonderful, the sun was shining and I felt no cold at all, it could be because I was wearing long johns (that's right, it's the middle of august) and was well dressed, we both found it exhilarating!!


We did take the long way and we were pretty tired when we arrived at our B&B in Port Colborne, the highlights were;

  • just being able to ride
  • the glorious day
  • seeing a hawk swoop down
  • the sunflowers and other wonderful natural sights
  • River Rd, off #3 in Cayuga


River Rd., starting at Cayuga off #3 and brought us almost to Port Colborne.