Sunshine & Snow

Friday, November 18, 2016, it was a very pretty great weather day, it was also a busy day, and just to make it interesting it was a PD day (PD, Professional Development Day), which meant the kids had no school. 

A lot of smaller districts in our area were preparing for Christmas Kick off events, one place in particular was the Old Walkerville area, maybe I'm bias but it's the best one, also the one I spent some time preparing for. 

I spent the day with a couple of my favourite people,

This pic was taken a few years ago, it was the only one I could find of the 3 of us.

This pic was taken a few years ago, it was the only one I could find of the 3 of us.

As I decorated the Christmas tree's in the store, the girls enjoyed having the store to themselves and didn't have a problem keeping busy.

We worked up an appetite and walked over to Marija's for a second breakfast, it was fun and so much more enjoyable as we soaked in the 70ºF temps and wonderful warm breezes.

I had a great day with the girls, but once home I was ready to enjoy the ride portion of the day, I was scheduled to work, starting at 5pm, so I packed work clothes and a couple of snacks and headed out. I talked to Larry and we agreed to meet half way, it was exhilarating to be out, the sunshine smiling down on me and the warm breezes brushing against my cheeks.

We drove down Riverside drive, waved to fellow bikers, enjoyed the view, and most of all loved the ride. I was leading, it was so much fun checking the rear view mirrors and making sure Larry was still with me, the ride was intoxicating, invigorating and (sadly) maybe the last one for few months. 

We rode for 45 minutes and then turned around, we spilt up after a bit, Larry got gas and filled his belly and I headed to work. I could feel the weather changing on the way there, the breeze was turning into a wind with a chill and I was starting to feel little nervous about the ride home.

It was a really busy night, people started coming into the store complaining about the rain, it was difficult to believe the weather could change so quickly but I got lucky, my ride home was dark, cold but dry, the rain took a break.

Saturday we had our first snow of the season, which made it hard to remember my great ride just the day before. Since then we've seemed to experience the dreary part of the year, no wonder people go crazy with Christmas decorations, trying to brighten things up.