A Friday in October

I've been hoping to go for a ride, instead I kept getting rain and dreary weather, or I've been busy.

Friday seemed promising, (I spent too much time checking the weather.)

I started out my ride around 11am, about 10 minutes into my ride I was rethinking the whole thing, however my mother was expecting me in Essex, we were meeting for breakfast, so I just focused on the upcoming coffee and persevered. Once at the Deluxe Restaurant I lingered over many cups of coffee before continuing on my way, it was around 2pm when I left the restaurant and headed toward Riverside Drive, I was still a bit uncomfortably cold,  although, I was focusing on the sunshine and enjoying beautiful colours on the trees, also, it's an awesome sight when I'm riding and startle a flock birds into flight.

I stopped at Jones & Co. to catch up on some work, I was kind of dreading the ride home, I thought the temperature was dropping.

However, I left around 5pm and (surprisingly) throughly enjoyed the ride home, it was somewhat warmer, the sun was out, the view was amazing even if I've seen it a thousand times before. It was just what I was looking for, and felt so good, I thought about continuing my ride once I was close to home but common sense kicked it and I did go home, to a good dinner (that I made), and a relaxing night with great memories.