Mothers Day 2017

It's been a great Mothers Day,

The day started out cloudy, really cloudy but with the promise of a good forecast I decided to take my bike to church, I was happy to see the sun was out when I left. I arrived at home to find a surprise by my 2 youngest daughters.


After enjoying a delicious meal, 4 of us headed for a short walk to a park, by this time it had turned into a beautiful day and we had fun.

I ended up going out for a ride around 5pm, the sun was bright and the temps were delightful, needless to say I was enjoying the ride, as I was driving, I was breathing deeply, loving the green tree's, the beautiful water of Lake Erie, I kept thinking I should take a picture but I kept riding,... just absorbing the atmosphere that surrounded me, farmlands, houses,....

I finally decided to stop, I slowed down to find a good place to park, a small dog came out of nowhere and ran beside me for quite sometime, it was impressive. I parked, and took some pictures 

Almost home, following River Canard, enjoying the view and turns on this scenic but short road that is on the way home. I am blessed!