Bike Wash

It's been a beautiful week so far, sunshine and the temperatures are in the 70's, it seems unlike November. I haven't had as much time as I would like to ride but the other day I thought it was time for my bike to have a bath. I had a little bit of help;

I didn't get the bike as pristine as I wanted but it was looking pretty darn good, it's so hard to get good help.

I had an appointment after 4, I decided to take my nice, clean bike - the nights have been getting dark earlier, so by time I drove home it was starting to get dark but I loved it, very relaxing. I had a pretty good view of a beautiful red/pinkish sky, I stopped for a picture.


November 1st

Today is November 1st, 2015 - last night daylight savings time ended, our 'clocks' fell back an hour, and it was halloween night. First of all halloween wasn't as busy as it usually is, the slow steady rain kept a lot of the kids away, which means there is a lot of candy around the house (ugh!!). And before I went to bed I set all the clocks back an hour, which means it's gets darker earlier. Today, the weather was so pretty, the sun was bright and the temps were in the high 60's. As soon as I got a chance I took the bike out, I was looking for fall foliage but I was out of luck, seems like the colours have come and gone, a lot of the tree's were bare.

I throughly loved the ride, taking deep breaths of the crisp air, it was a bit chilly but I was well dressed. I did a routine route, which didn't feel routine, it just felt good to be out. I followed Detroit River, then Lake Erie and then marsh's.

Dirt road, surrounded by nature - marshes are just past the bush. Lake Erie is just a block away - it's cottage land.

IMG_0388 (1)

Although I was enjoying the ride, the sun started setting earlier,  thanks to the end of daylight savings time. The sun was getting low and the chill in the air almost starting getting cold, plus I was getting hungry - time to head home.

IMG_0392 (1)

The sweet temperatures today were somewhat unexpected after all the cool weather we've been getting, the first 'frost' came a few weeks ago and mornings have been so cold it seems to demand a warm coat, but today we got a short reprieve from the cold and a fun reminder of summer time.

I so much enjoyed my time on my bike today!

Summer Nights

It's mid September, lately the temperatures have been perfect. Today I left the house around 5pm and traveled my usual route, following Lake Erie which I find really relaxing. Hunger took ahold and a stop at the Colchester Bar & Grill  was in order, it was the first time I've been there since it got its new name and the butternut soup was very tasty.

I just couldn't get enough of being outside today, it's hard stopping to take pictures (as I mentioned before) but I made a point of stopping to get a picture of the sunset, however the sun set in the west tonight so I missed it.


I stopped along highway 50, in Oxley at the Oxley retreat house to take this picture, it was a short stop but it was a breath taking view. I had a small chat about bikes and the views with a stranger which is always fun.

And then I continued home, passing through Colchester and Amherstburg it continued to get darker by time I got to River Canard, which I followed - by time I got home it was dark, but I was also relaxed and loving summer time.


387079_10152033547680232_1284054146_n A few years back I took a trip to Brampton and stayed with my good friend Carolyn, I spent a couple of days exploring the back streets past Brampton, places like Georgetown, Glen Williams, Caledon and beyond. I was surprised how many streets there were that were not paved, I enjoyed just driving, exploring territory I've never seen before.

There are so many times I would love to take a picture, however stopping and pulling out the camera just seems like a pain, but every once in a while I make myself. I saw so many beautiful sights on this trip, for the most part I drove down winding roads, some with hills, I enjoyed views of small bodies of water but mostly it was farmland on either side of me - everything was so green and lush - I stopped at a couple of points and took a picture because I wanted to remember the feeling of excitement I had as I was about to embark on a road that I'ld never been down, what was around the bend? I was about to find out.

530062_10152033546750232_317432605_n-1And the adventure continues,....


Parking in Chicago

My very good friend Carolyn is a beautiful addition to the Chicago skyline.  

I was in Chicago recently and had a blast, it's such a fun city! The weather was perfect, and we hit the highlights, Navy Pier (where we saw some fireworks), did some shopping, checked out the architecture but the most fun was the wonderful restaurants - I spent the weekend eating well, some of the best food I've ever had. Last time I was in Chicago I wanted to go to The Brown Elephant but didn't make it, so this time I was there, with my very good friend, a half hour early. Fortunately someone suggested we try out a breakfast place close by called 'A Taste of Heaven', where we experienced a delicious breakfast which came with wonderful, mouth watering biscuits, however I'm not here to talk about food.

While shopping and eating we needed to park, there was plenty of street parking, the kind where you find the closest box, put in your credit card and out pops a ticket that you are suppose to put on your car dashboard, on the passenger side (they are very specific). The exciting thing about the 'parking sticker' is that it is a sticker, so it works for cars as well as motorcycles, you can peel the back off of it and apply it to the headlight, there is even a place you write your license number (although I don't always carry a pen with me) on the sticker so people can not steal your sticker. I find this somewhat exciting because it is really hard to find a place to put a small piece of paper, which can be blown off or taken very easily, I always feel uncomfortable using this method to park. I think everyone should adopt this 'sticker' method, unless of course you are going to let me park free, even better!

Chicago Parking Permit

I did see a few bikers while in Chicago, it seems so strange to see people riding without a helmet.

Dropping my Bike

Leaving for a ride the other day I was negotiating a tight turn out the driveway and dropped my bike, ouch!! I was so bummed, damaged seemed minimal but it was not a fun experience. Larry quickly turned around and helped me pick it up, we checked it out and except for the mirror - things seemed okay. Dropping a bike is a distressing experience, I do not like it - finding simple replacement parts for my bike seem difficult at best, a shift lever, lens cover and mirror all take months to replace, wrong parts come in after waiting long periods of time,… frustrating!!

We went for our ride, met Ruth for breakfast and then went to Ace's to check out their mirror selection, Adrian replace my mirror with a temporary one, very nice to have a mirror again - I like working with him, I find him very helpful.

It looked like rain, so we headed home - I gave my bike some love, washed it, waxed it until it looked so pretty again. Unfortunately it has looked like rain ever since, so it has been sitting in the garage with only Larry's bike for company.


I would love to hear about somebody else's experience dropping their bike.