Dinner at Birdies Perch

The plan today was to meet at 4:30pm and go for a ride, the highest temperature today was 22°celsius (71.6°fahrenheit), so it was a bit cool (especially for us - this time of year) and when the sun hid behind the clouds, a strong breeze kicked in but that didn't slow us down.

We took our usual route, driving through Amherstburg and hitting highway 50, through Kingsville to Leamington where we had a yummy dinner at Birdies Perch.Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.01.48 PM

We had a great ride there, sometimes riding the Lake Erie Coast line can be a bit chillier, although I was comfortable on the way there I thought it might be a bit to cold on the way home,  so we chose a route that was more inland, it's also fun to switch it up a bit. On the way back it didn't take me long to wish I had put on my sweatshirt, I ended up stopping on the gravel shoulder of the road in front of a farm house that was set back quite a bit from the road. I was pleasantly surprised when the owner of the house came over to us to see if we needed help, I'm not sure how he felt about my 'being too cold' story but we were appreciative of his kind intention.

I find it completely freeing to ride, it doesn't take long to get to farm land, there is something about driving in the country that relaxes me. I also enjoy living on a peninsula and being surrounded by water, I love riding along the water even if it is dotted with houses. What a great way to spend 2½ hours of our evening!



Happy Canada Day!



Today, July 1, 2015 is Canada's 148th birthday - an exciting day!

We celebrated by attending the Canada Parade:

Celebrating Canada Day

There are a lot of festivities going on in our lovely city this time of the year, we had a blast at the fair;

My view from the top of the ferris wheel

And every year there is a big fireworks show on the Detroit River, where our 2 countries can get together and celebrate. This year it rained before and after the fireworks, in fact they moved it an hour earlier to get it in before a big predicted thunderstorm.

Today I came across a teeshirt the said

'You Can't Buy Happiness But you can go to CANADA And that's Pretty much the same thing'


Sums up my thoughts!

Happy Canada Day!!

A Perfect Night

Today it was too nice to NOT ride my bike, so I rode it to work this morning - it was the type of day that made me want to keep going - such a pretty a day, the kind you just can't get enough of. I was excited that things worked out so that Larry could meet me after work and we could go for a ride, we went along Riverside Drive until we got to Tecumseh where we stopped at one of Larry's favourite restaurants  'The Wrap Shack' for a quick bite and then we were back on the road.

The route wasn't particularly exciting and it certainly wasn't new to us, but it was the perfect journey for tonight. The weather was perfect, the sun was just starting to set and the water was a breathtaking backdrop for our ride. Spring smells filled the air, cut grass, flowers, everything smelled so fresh - I was breathing deeply and felt totally relaxed and completely exhilarated at the same time.

Couldn't think of better way to spend the evening

A great ride, surrounded by water through most of it. The part in purple is where we had to double our ride, no complaints though - great views.


Interesting Read I was having coffee at Marija's and reading The Windsor Star  when I came across this interesting article - although the statistic's weren't local, it's a good reminder.

I did some research, according to an online article from CBC, in August 2014 The Ontario Provincial Police say the number of people killed in motorcycle accidents could hit a seven-year high. Twenty-six riders have died so far, with at least two more months of the season left to go.

It's good to see that 'OPP say while the majority of bikers abide by the law, there are a "careless few" who don't'.

"The OPP believes that Ontario motorcyclists in general recognize that they are a vulnerable road user and demonstrate safe, defensive driving," said  OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair.

Top contributing factors in the deaths

  • Speed: Factor in 43 of the deaths.
  • Lost Control: Factor in 29 of the deaths.
  • Alcohol: Factor in 21 of the deaths.
  • Failure to Yield: Factor in 20 of the deaths.
  • Inattention: Factor in 18 of the deaths.

Let's be careful out there!


  1. CBC


Interesting read after this Police Officer loses a son in motorcycle crash:


Using the sad statistic's for advertising purposes;





One day I received an email from my website host:

"A routine scan of your account has found malicious or infected files,.... As a result, we have suspended your website, to avoid problems for website visitors or other customers. Please remove the malicious code, through FTP or the file manager. I would recommend deleting and republishing your entire website from a clean copy; this should then erase any other code which may have been injected into your pages to allow back-door access by unauthorized people."

It went on to explain what things needed to happen before  they can put it up again, they also explained that they have partnered with a company that can fix it, and included the website address for the company. A call to the hosting company just confirmed everything in the email, and was no more help than the original email.

Seriously, it was all very overwhelming and frustrating, I hate how little I know about this kind of stuff. I did as much research as I could, talked to everyone I thought could help me and ended up paying more than I wanted to, to the recommended company and voila - I'm back on line.

I felt like my site was kidnapped and then held hostage, I paid a ransom and now it's free,...ugh!!

I do like being on line, and enjoy sharing my thoughts with all of you. It's now mid may, and biking season is just beginning - I'm sure it's going to be a fun summer.


Post Script

Just a quick post, a follow up to the last one (First Long Ride 2015) where I may have spent too much time whining about the cold - Wednesday (the next day) turned out to be the beautiful day that was predicted. After catching up with some work I found myself free at 4:30pm and took my very clean & shiny bike for a ride along Riverside Drive, it was all I was expecting - I throughly enjoyed it!

First Long Ride of 2015

I've become obsessed with checking the weather, today I was promised sunshine and temperatures in the 60's but when I checked the weather this morning - the sunshine went away. Today's Weather

I sucked it up, and put on a pair of long johns, jeans, tank top, sweater, an extra warm sweat shirt, winter coat, boots and went for a great ride, I drove to Leamington and had lunch with my Mom and drove home following highway 18 and then highway 50 which follows Lake Erie. By time I got home my right gloved hand was cold and the wind was riding up my sleeves, which left me with a chill.


A bleak day with Lake Erie in the back ground.

Once home I took a nice, warm bath which not only warmed me up, it soothed those 'first long ride of the year' sore muscles. And then gave my bike a bath, and detailed her so she is just beaming!

Tomorrow's forecasts seems more promising, think I may give it another try.

Tomorrow's predicted weather



The Wave

Sunday (just a few days ago), it was the perfect day to go for a ride - the first nice day of the year with sunshine and temps expected reach 60°f (I use Fahrenheit here because I think it sounds more lovely than 15.5°c.), Larry had the day off and we were both a bit disappointed that I was working because we couldn't go for a ride, but (for the first time this year) I took my bike to work - it just makes going to work more fun. We did however get our ride in, he met me after work, around 4:30 and we drove Riverside Drive - it's the perfect ride, it only takes about an hour, the speed is fairly low and it is relaxing with a great view.

It felt so good to be out, we were not the only ones who felt this way, we saw lots of bikers out which gave me the opportunity to wave. I love the wave, with each wave I feel like I'm saying 'isn't this a blast?'

I've talked about the 'wave' with different people, some seem to tire of it and dislike it - I've seen boaters do the wave to each other on the lake, which strikes me as a bit weird because it's the only type of vehicle out there.  Back when we had our little sporty looking 2 seater, lime green EXP car, seeing another one was rare but when we did we would often honk and wave. One time someone was so excited to see a twin of his car he honked and waved for a good 5 minutes.

Anyway, when I'm out there on the road and hear the familiar sound of a bike, or see one coming up I get a bit excited, someone (a total stranger) whom (I assume) loves riding as much as I do and is happy to just be driving along, soaking in the sunshine and scenery,  I look over and make a connection with that person with a wave of a hand or a nod of my head and for a split second I've related with them, creating a fellowship with someone I've never met and likely will never meet.

It's a fun feeling when you meet someone that you have something in common with, especially when that 'something' is a little out of the ordinary - I feel like that every time I see a fellow biker.



A great day for this household!

It's been a busy Saturday - it's mid April and towards the end of the day we had to deal with the fact that we put off getting a few needed groceries - the first choice that needed to be made, do we take the car or the bike - guess which won,...



Motorcycle over car & Groceries in the saddlebag

It was a short but fun ride, we hit the grocery store and then rode down through River Canard, a beautiful ride only minutes from my home. The sunshine and warm temps were good for my soul and I found myself anxious for my next ride.

Our day started with training at K9, it's such a great place to learn how I need to be trained so I can work with Charlie and the day ended with the signing of the papers that made Charlie ours - so exciting!

PicMonkey Collage

Isn't he so Beautiful?

Costa Rica Again


I'm just getting home from Costa Rica, while there I had the pleasure of riding Matthew's bike-only once because we were very busy. So here I am without a helmet riding a bike that is held together with string and other miscellaneous stuff. I stayed close to home, partly because I was breaking a few laws such as the helmet thing and I didn't have the required papers for the bike as well they require people to wear a reflective vest - my other concern was the bike breaking down on me, you want to be close to home if that happens.

It would be so fun to take a real bike trip there one day and explore the whole beautiful country. I did enjoy my little jaunt, it felt good to be on a bike again and the breeze that came up from driving so fast was somewhat refreshing from the heat of the day.

I did get some fun video, here is a short part where my shadow takes on a life of it's own - I think my shadow makes me look super bad ass, what do you think?  Me & My Shadow



First Ride 2015


Today, Wednesday March 11, 2015 was officially my first ride of the season - yes, it was a bit cold, yes, there were snow banks on the side of the road, yes there was ice on the river - totally worth it!

It started out with sunshine and warm temps, the longer the sun shined the more I thought about taking the bike out. The warm temps that I anticipated were teasing me, I went out to the garage to check my bike and there it was, I put the key in, turned the ignition and the sweet sound of a purring engine filled the air.


First start of the season.

I once again pulled my long johns on, the same long johns I wore just a few days ago to protect myself from the unseasonably freezing temps while I walked my dog - this time I was more excited about putting them on, I pulled my jeans on, turtleneck, my super warm sweatshirt, my boots, winter coat, gloves and went outside, found my helmet and put it on - We were ready to go.

My bike and it's shadow


I decided a ride down riverside was just what I needed - it's easy, short and scenic. It was a great ride although a bit cold, I stopped in Walkerville to catch up with my sister at Jones & Co and pick up a few groceries from Williams, driving through Walkerville is a treat with the unique stores, big trees and lots of people milling about.

In Walkerville

Then I continued my drive down Riverside, still enjoying the sunshine and the way it reflected off the ice in the river, the roads were wet from the snow melting, the dirty banks of snow along the side of the roads won't be here from much longer - unless a freak of nature happens, ugh!

It was my bliss, I was defiantly smiling - the ride was even better on the way home, the temps must have gone up a degree or two (or maybe the wind was behind me), I stopped along the way to get a picture of my bike along the river with the ice.

Small break for a picture at the Sculpture Park, by the Detroit River

And then a friendly young guy came along and offered to take my picture, then he he let me know that he had some free time if I wanted to take him for a ride - sorry no extra helmets ;)





After spending some time visiting a country that has a consistent weather pattern and having people look at me strangely  when I comment about how nice it is out today (because it's always nice), it makes me realize why we Canadians talk about the weather so much - because it's always changing and keeping us guessing.  It's very unpredictable, regardless of a meteorologists supposed ability to foresee the future, although I find myself constantly checking the forecast (it's like gawking at a car accident) and I was supper excited and somewhat hopeful to see that I can expect 10°celcuis (50°fahrenheit) on Thursday. I was thinking maybe I could take the bike out for a quick spin but I'm told that I should wait for a couple of good rains to wash the salt away because salt with rust my bike, which I do not understand - how does salt rust my bike, or my car for that matter.

Here is the expected weather pattern for this week, it does give hope - hope that maybe this long, cold winter will release it's grip and the snow will melt and flowers will grow, but most importantly I will once again be on my bike, smiling because I'm almost always smiling when I'm on my bike.


Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 10.44.34 PM

Me smiling in St. Jacobs and having fun while on a mini vacation hitting all the quant spots in the area.





March has made its entrance, after February's record breaking cold it seemed too much to expect a tropical weather change with the arrival of a new month, so it was a pleasant surprise that yesterday brought sunshine with temps as high as 2°Celsius - it seemed almost balmy.  Charlie, my new foster dog and I went for our daily walk and this was the first time I 'over' dressed plus we had the longest walk, although it didn't seem to tucker him out at all - if anything he only seemed to have more energy.

Although breaking the freezing point is exciting, it's not good biking weather.

In exactly two weeks I will be saying goodbye to this weather and hello to Costa Rica and hopefully I'll be getting some biking in. Also another hope is that spring will be here when I get home. Such an exciting thought!





Snow and Brochures

The other day I stopped at the  Windsor Tourist Information Centre, I was hoping to find some local postcards and while there an idea popped into my head - I asked about biking maps and I was pretty excited to come home with a handful of brochures. My Brochures


So now, I'm sitting here in front of the fire with a coffee in my hands day dreaming of summer days and doing some cruising, while outside many people are digging themselves out of the record breaking snow fall we just had.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.06.44 AM

The brochures have pictures of clear days, groups of bikers riding and beautiful views, I want to jump into the picture. All the brochures are from Ontario, which is handy because that is where I live, however some would be quite a drive to get there.

My handful included Cruise the Coast (I already did a blog about how much I love that one), I'm enjoying The Top Ten Motorcycle Routes in Ontario, also Deer Trail Touring Route looks pretty great and very remote and I'm looking forward to diving into Ride Grey Bruce. I think these brochures with be worn out and dog eared before long as I drool over the maps and plan for summer adventures - can't wait.



I bought a GoPro, I'm pretty excited about it. So many times while riding I want to capture my surroundings and other times it seems like such a hassle to stop, find a place to park, get off the bike, get the camera out, take the picture, put the camera away, get back on the bike and continue going. Am I'm being sucky? I have the winter to figure out how to use it, it took me an hour to figure how to get it out of the box, ugh!! However I'm having fun using it and making small movies with the GoPro Studio, which I'm also figuring out - little by little.


imagesHere is an image of the Go Pro still in the box, stupid box!

For those who don't know, a GoPro is a small camera that has a really wide lens and can capture amazing video's.



It's Christmas Day and I'm sitting in a very quiet house waiting for someone to get up so we can open presents, it's a strangely relaxing time for me, a time for reflection, a time to enjoy the quiet before I enjoy the fun, but most of all - a time for prayer and to appreciate all my blessings.

A favorite tradition in our family is the Christmas Stockings, this year - among other things, I put this book in Larry's stocking.


I'm really excited for him to read it and pass it on to me, I've read some great reviews - has anyone read it? Any thoughts?

Benmiller Inn

It's a typical December day outside, the high temperature is suppose to hit 4°c (39.2°f) but it is gloomy - no wonder we all go crazy with lights this time of year. I don't think this year is going to be as bad a last and I'm thinking I'll be able to get my bike out, last year at this time we had a huge snow fall. I'm sitting here drinking green tea (because it's healthy for me), looking at my Christmas tree lights and remembering summer, sunshine and rides.

About 3 years ago we went for a ride on the long May weekend, it was a really warm weekend - even hot. We drove to Sarnia and stayed with my Sister in law & family and the next day we drove to Owen Sound and stayed with my Brother in law & family on the way home we stopped at Ben Miller Inn.

Ben Miller 4 Ben Miller2

 It was a wonderful place to stay, very homey and warm.

Ben Miller3

It turned out to be a sibling weekend, at Ben Miller we met up with my Sister and future brother in law

DSC02085 DSC02090

It was truly a fun ride and the first of many that summer, I loved meeting up with my sister - it turned out to be a really fun long weekend that was spent with family and I have a great family!